Pardon Me, I'm a Southern Girl named Michelle, I'm A Mirror of Venus, I'm Stellar, And I'm a Rare Necessity. If you looking for the Baddest Bitch here she is riding down in Memphis Tn by the Pyramid. Money growing, hair flowing blowing in the wind...You'll never see a Bitch this Fly...
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But the truth is, you were never there, you won’t ever be. Sometimes I think I’m not either so what do I do when every day still seems to start and end with you? And you won’t ever know, you won’t ever see, how much your ghost since then has been defining me.

  • Track: You and I in Unison
  • Artist: La Dispute
  • Album: Wildlife
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Niykee Heaton - Champagne For The Pain

"I got champagne for the pain. Blackout all the memories. Running through my veins. I don’t really wanna feel anything.Trying to escape, I’m my only enemy.Dreams I keep them erased. I don’t really wanna feel anything."

  • Track: Champagne For The Pain
  • Artist: Niykee Heaton
  • Album: Bad Intentions - EP
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